воскресенье, 10 января 2010 г.

Sending flowers

When there is something you have to say for a person but you can’t do it because you are too scared or you are too confused there is another language you can use. And it is the language of flowers. You can send flowers for that person you like and person you need to talk to and those flowers and the bunch will be the best expression. Though, some people can’t read the language of flowers and so they can take you the wrong way. In order to make sure that a person will get you just the way she has to get you, you can send those flowers and add a card. It will be a tiny and cute card and you can write there everything you want to say. You know, it is sometimes easier to write all those words you can say and there is nothing wrong in it. And so those flowers will be the best explanation of your feelings for this person and card will only be a guaranty that your message will be got the right way. Flowers are the best and the most beautiful language and I think it is a great way to say something special.

Dead flowers

Bunches of flowers are beautiful. Those are bright and those smell great and people (some people) are crazy about flowers. They need others to buy them flowers, though why they need that mortal beauty that will be thrown out in a couple of day? Sure, in case you refuse the flowers there will never get less of those sellers and people will still buy and sell flowers and those will still die and will still be thrown away. Though, I think in case you need something like flower as a gift it is better for you to hive a flower in the pot., this one will never die, in case you take care of it, and this will bring you flowers until it is alive. As for e it is better than all those beautiful flowers that will be dead tomorrow. A flower in the pot will live for a long time ad will always remember that person who gave you this flower and you will always remember that day and that event. See, a flower on pot is better than a mortal bunch. Plus, flowers in pits are great for your home and atmosphere of your home.

пятница, 17 апреля 2009 г.

The Meanings of Flowers

All flowers have some kind of meaning. When Ophelia threw flowers around in Hamlet, she wasn’t just talking nonsense. Learning about the meanings of all the different kinds of flowers can be intriguing, and may also be helpful if you wish to make a gift of flowers but don’t want to make an unsuitable choice.

Most people know that roses signify love, but may not know all the different types of roses and what they mean. Giving a rose signifying friendship to a lover is probably not the best idea. The meanings of other flowers are just as particular. An iris can represent inspiration and may make a wonderful gift for someone with a creative turn of mind.

Many of the meanings that people nowadays assign to different flowers come from Victorian times. It often seems that not everyone thinks of the same flowers the same way, although there are some standard interpretations. There may also be variations of meanings of flowers among different cultures.

Flowers are not just pretty to look at, but often carry with them different messages and meanings. Learning to decipher what these meanings are can help you to have a deeper appreciation for the beauty of the flowers and what they represent, and may help you to avoid an kind of faux pas in giving flowers as a gift. While most people won’t know the meanings of most flowers, it’s best to be careful and paying attention to these meanings can give your particular choice extra significance.

понедельник, 2 марта 2009 г.

Flowers' Make Up

You know that make up flowers aren’t always going to work. In fact, most of the time when you bring home flowers after an argument (you know the one where you were totally in the wrong) there isn’t likely to be a sudden surge of wonder in your partner’s eyes. While make up flowers are a nice touch, honest communication is a much more therapeutic approach. You should still bring home the make up flowers, or something similar, but be prepared to talk it out. You can’t erase the memory of a nasty fight with a handful of beautiful flowers but you can help understand one another through strong and honest communication.

Even when communication seems especially difficult, it is a necessary element to moving past an argument. You can only do so much with a nice arrangement and a few well spoken devotions of love. There was a reason for the argument, and when a couple can resolve the issue and learn from it, your next flower arrangement might not be because you argued but just a random expression of love. Those random expressions of love flowers are usually met with much more exuberance than the make up flowers are, and their effects are much longer lasting. Relationships take a lot of effort from numerous sources, and you need to be ready to dig deep and bring out an apology along with the make up flowers. People who love each other can make it through without the hurt, but it often takes practice, and many sets of make up flowers.

вторник, 20 января 2009 г.

These beautiful flowers

Flowers are loved by women so much, that this love can be passed on men, who give them to women as a present. I can’t understand why women love flowers so much. In fact flowers are nothing. They fade very quickly and after passing several days, they are thrown away and only reminiscences remain. Women claim, that the main component of the fact, which makes them so happy when they are given flowers is attention. The scheme is very simple. You give flowers to a woman and it means that you are attentive to her. I wonder why kind words and support are not enough to feel this attention. Moreover, if you give flowers to women, they seem to fail to need any verbal attention. Giving flowers as a present is a sort of ritual, an ancient ritual the meaning of which is lost. From the viewpoint of common sense, flowers are absolutely irrelevant. I hate flowers but my wife loves them very much. That is why, each time, when the eve of her birthday comes, I think whether I should buy flowers for her. On the one hand I must buy them, because she loves them and waits for me such a present. On the other hand, she knows that I hate them and thus it turns out that I am insincere when I buy flowers to her. Very complicated problem. Besides, I don’t like flowers on the windowsill. I like clean and unoccupied windowsill much more. However, my wife places to many flowers there, which irritates me. I can’t even see the weather outside the window, because all these leaves and branches prevent me from examining the weather.